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The Big Draw

Published Monday 8th of November 2010 09:13:14 AM

Lord Wandsworth College celebrated the annual 'Big Draw' a month long festival of over a thousand art events across the UK. The aim? Get everyone no matter age, ability or experience covered in colour, inspired by imagination and having laugh with Lord Wandsworth's biggest ever doodle wall yet! And what a success it was� the opportunity was given to stroll along to the Art School at any time and draw to your heart's content on a mega roll of paper, filling up every space available. The theme organised along with everything else by Art Prefect, Alex Smith was film, and the results were fantastic; Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, Shrek, Wolverine and Harry Potter, drawn enthusiastically by students and teachers alike.

Headmaster Fergus Livingstone even played his part, drawing with commendable concentration and artistic flare alongside pastel-smeared but smiling juniors, and the resultant doodle-wall had the Art Prefects running around, trying to find a large enough space in school to hang it!

But the fun didn't end there� throughout the day teachers were encouraged to base their lessons around art and given challenges such as having to teach a lesson without using words, only pictures. This had, shall we say, mixed results, but it can definitely be said that Lord Wandsworth did it's bit to honour the Big Draw and demonstrate the importance of art in our community.
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