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St Swithun's stepping back into Victorian times

Published Wednesday 7th of November 2012 10:23:16 AM

From the moment that St Swithun's Year 4 stepped off the coach they were transported back in time to the Victorian Era. Dressed up as Victorian children they walked through the village of Sevington towards the school where teacher Miss Squires was ringing the school bell.

The girls and boys (for the day) then had to line up, silently, in height order before everyone was subjected to a boot and shoe inspection! Each child then received a Victorian penny before marching into the schoolroom. The boys and girls sat on separate benches and a register was taken; all the children stood and said 'Good Morning Mam'. The Victorian pennies are collected before the hymn of 'All things bright and beautiful' which was followed by a prayer and bible reading.

Slates and slate pencils were then given out by monitors before the lessons in the Three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) followed.

A 'Victorian lunch' was laid on before playtime. There were separate playgrounds for boys and girls and lots of Victorian toys to play with.
More lessons followed in the afternoon including sessions on reading and posture.
Everyone had the chance to spend Victorian pennies in the emporium at the end of the day.

The trip gave the children an excellent insight into the daily life of a child in Victorian times and has provided them with lots of inspiration for the history topic this term. Thankfully all the girls behaved impeccably and Miss Squires didn't have to use her cane!

The girls and boys were then split up. The girls learned how to carry out the daily chores in the kitchen and laundry room as well as lessons in making their own lavender bags. The boys were taken out for drills and marching before making beeswax candles. All the 'scholars' then returned to the schoolroom for handwriting and sketching lessons. Those who were left handed had to try their best to write with their right hand!
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