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Published Friday 9th of November 2012 12:43:25 PM

Second grade students, aged seven and eight, at ACS Cobham International School took a leap out of Dracula's book this Halloween, donning bat pointy ears for their educational musical about the life of bats; over 60 pupils performed sketches and songs about echo-location, hibernation and bat migration.

Bats and their habitats form part of the lower school science curriculum as students learn about their natural environment and the indispensable role bats play in the eco-system.

There are over 16 different bats species in the country and many can be regularly spotted at Oakham and Wisley Commons near Cobham, areas designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Second-graders are able to share their learning about the creature's unique characteristics with parents and dispel popular myths like the stereotypical belief that bats are blind, but in fact have heightened sight through the use of echo-location, similar to radar.

JoAnn O'Brien, Second Grade team leader commented:

'The bat performance is always a highlight as the students really enjoy sharing what they have learnt about the uniqueness of bats with the parents. It's important that students understand what makes their local wildlife distinctive and the role animals, like bats, play in the surrounding eco-system.'

She also added 'Students are more environmentally aware as a result and are encouraged to actively seek ways in which they can help conserve the local wildlife and act in an environmentally friendly manner.'

The students are also able to get up close to their bat friends on the school's nature trail and resident bat boxes, which form part of the school's outdoor learning programme.

ACS Cobham's Halloween 'trunk or treat' celebrations also returned this year for its eleventh birthday, as students wore their best spooky costumes collecting different eerie edible goodies from wickedly decorated car boots in the school's car park, in an alternative version to traditional trick or treat activities.
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