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American culture celebrated at ACS Hillingdon

Published Tuesday 13th of November 2012 11:42:36 AM

Over 80 students at ACS Hillingdon International School recently celebrated the best of American culture by taking part in a special afternoon of American themed activities. Organised by ACS Hillingdon parents who are part of the PTSA Multi-Cultural committee, the afternoon aimed to give students a more in-depth understanding of American culture and celebrate the international community at the school.

Kick-starting the afternoon was a special geography lesson where American students were able to mark places on an interactive map where they have either lived or consider to be home, whilst non American students marked places in the US which they have visited or would like to visit in the future. A discussion about the Presidential election was also included in light of Tuesday's historic election.

Rotating in groups between four activities, students' tastebuds were put to the test by sampling traditional American dishes such as Johnny Cakes, a type of pancake made of cornmeal, seasonal pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Other activities included a special 'square' dancing lesson, a history lesson about Ellis Island and the impact of immigrants, and an interactive Thanksgiving craft lesson where students made Pilgrim and Native American Indian hats reflecting the traditional holiday.

The American multi-cultural afternoon was the first of four events taking place throughout the academic year focusing on four countries which have the largest student representation in the school. The next three afternoons will focus on Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Lisa Genden, an American parent at ACS Hillingdon and main organiser of the American afternoon, commented on why these multi-cultural events are so important to the international school:

'We organise many events throughout the year that celebrate our diversity and international community, but the multi-cultural events are a great way for us to focus in on one particular country and give our students a more in-depth understanding about its culture and heritage. Hot on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and at a time when the US Presidential elections are in the headlines, the afternoon was very well timed to help students further develop their understanding of US geography and culture. With activities ranging from dancing, to food tasting or acting, students got to enjoy a truly interactive learning experience.'
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