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A Level Retakes

Can You Resit An A level Exam?

A level retakes are more common than many people realise. Many students find the jump from GCSEs to A levels is bigger than expected, with study being much more independent. This can mean that many students do not get the grades they had hoped for.

Which A Levels Can You Resit?

Any A level can be retaken the summer following the year the exam was taken. It is best to speak to your school or college as soon as possible if you wish to do this. Some people may want to resit an A level taken longer than a year ago, and this can become a little more complicated - especially if the A level originally taken was in a modular form, as  A Levels have now changed to linear form.

There used to be an option to resit A levels in January, but these exams have been discontinued and so summer exams are the only option for A level retakes.

Why Resit A Levels?

The main reason for retaking A levels is to gain entrance to a university course which requires higher grades than originally achieved. For some there is also an element of pride, with a desire to prove they can do better than the original grade they gained.

Many students feel that after a big jump from GCSE standards to A level standards, they were not entirely aware of just how much work was required of them. They feel that now they have realised what is involved they can do a better job the second time around.

Is It A Good Idea To Retake A Levels?

If a student has their heart set on a particular university course and they are confident they will be able to gain a better grade, retakes can be a good idea. It may be worth speaking to tutors to get their opinion on whether a retake is a good idea.

Are A Level Resits Accepted By Universities?

The majority of universities will accept A level resits for admission. Some may increase their standard offer. The first step should be to speak to your chosen university. The admissions officer for your chosen course will tell you whether they will accept A level resit grades. Be aware that when speaking to universities they may want to talk about why original A level grades were not as high as required, and why a resit grade could be expected to be any better.

Can You Get An A Level Exam Remarked?

The official term for this is a “review of results.” There are pros and cons to requesting a review of your results; the risk is that with a review a grade could go either up or down.

Where Can You Resit A Levels?

There are college courses specifically designed for people resitting A levels, and these can be a more appealing prospect than repeating a year at school.

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