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Scholarships and Bursaries

Which Independent Schools Offer Scholarships And Bursaries

Most independent schools offer scholarships and bursaries and it's well worth doing some homework to see if your child is entitled to an award. All schools set their own policies for scholarships and bursaries. Details can usually be found on school websites or you can ask the school's Bursar or Admissions Officer for more details.  

So What's The Difference Between A Scholarship And A Bursary?


Some independent schools provide bursaries, which are grants from the school to help pay school fees. These grants for private schools are usually means tested. Bursaries require pupils to meet and maintain very high standards and are usually subject to an examination and an interview.  Bursaries give access to private school education to children whose families would not normally be able to afford to send their child to an independent school.  In some cases full bursaries can include grants for uniform and other school related costs.


A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a pupil to help with education or boarding. Scholarships are awarded on various criteria, usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.  They vary in amount, from child to child and school to school and can vary from a small discount to quite a considerable percentage of the fees being deducted.  Examples of scholarships that can be offered are: specific academic subjects, sports, music, art, choristers and all-rounders, but will be dependent on the individual school.

HM Armed Forces discounts

Many independent day and boarding schools offer discounts to Armed Forces families.  To find grants for private schools and independent school discounts please use of Advanced Search go to step 4 and select Armed Forces discounts or bursaries.

You can use our search filters to find schools offering scholarships and bursaries in different areas including academic, sport and sixth form scholarships and bursaries adn others.

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