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UK Boarding Schools

What Is A Boarding School?

A boarding school is a school where pupils live for part or all of the school term. In the UK there around five hundred boarding schools. Some boarding schools have pupils who live there for the entire school year. Other pupils will stay for a term at a time; others will go home at weekends. Some boarding schools also accept day pupils, and allow pupils to board on an occasional basis.

Boarding schools are a popular choice for families who live overseas but wish for their children to benefit from a British education. They are also popular with families within the UK who want their child to attend a school a little further from home.    

Why Choose A British Boarding School?

UK Boarding schools enjoy a good reputation across the globe, for both British and international students. All British boarding schools are subject to the usual compulsory inspections and regulations and are required to meet high standards with all teaching, pastoral care and facilities.

Many boarding schools in the UK are old, well-established institutions which have been run for generations. They are housed in beautiful buildings steeped in history but still provide modern classrooms and facilities.

For international students, British boarding schools allow an immersive environment which can help students to quickly improve their grasp of the English language.

What Are British Boarding Schools Like?

Whether you choose a boarding school in England, a boarding school in Scotland or one in Wales, the standard of education and care will always be high. Most British boarding schools will have a mixture of international and British students, and many will have a mix of boarders and “day” students (who do not board at the school). This creates a real mixture of people from different backgrounds and can help to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

The majority of British boarding schools will close for the summer break and Christmas holidays, with pupils returning home to their families. Some will stay open for shorter half-term holidays, but there are no lessons. Instead pupils are supervised by staff and different activities are usually available.

What Is Accommodation Like In UK Boarding Schools?

Male and female pupils sleep in separate boarding houses. A school may have several boarding houses, depending on its size, and there is at least one house “parent” who lives on the premises and takes care of pupils. Younger pupils in a boarding school will often sleep in a dormitory or bedroom shared with several other children. Older pupils usually have their own bedroom or share with just one other pupil. There are also usually large, comfortable communal areas where pupils can socialise together.

Which Are The Best Boarding Schools In The World?

This depends largely upon what factors are a priority for you and your child. One school could be a perfect fit for one child, and not for another. On the whole, British boarding schools are of a very high standard offering a wide range of extra curricular activities and excellent pastoral care.

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