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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) cover a wide range of difficulties in social interaction and communication, from Asperger’s syndrome to Autism. ASD is often characterised by fixed or repetitive patterns of thought or behaviour. People with ASD can often find it difficult to understand other people’s emotions and feelings, find change very challenging and find it difficult to regulate their own emotions. They may have a delay in speech and language development and sensory sensitivities.

Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and educational support together with a number of other interventions are available to help children and parents. ASD is diagnosed by a Paediatrician and most children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders learn strategies that work for them and are able to function well in mainstream life with minimal support; others will require a lot of support on a daily basis.

Some organisations that can offer advice and support:

The National Autistic Society

Autisim Alliance

Child Autisim

Autisim Educational Trust

Prior's Court School
Prior's Court School
Grace Education