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Foundation Courses

What Is A Foundation Course?

A foundation course is either a Foundation Year or a Foundation Degree. As a general rule a foundation course is a one-year introductory course to a longer degree-level course.

What Is A Foundation Year?

A foundation year is a one-year course designed for students who have the ability to study for a degree but lack the formal qualifications to enter a degree course. Numerous degree courses across a wide range of universities offer foundation year study. Some foundation year qualifications can be obtained at a local college rather than requiring attendance at the university in question. Once a foundation year is passed, a student can then move onto normal entrance to a linked honours degree.

Can Foreign Students Study A Foundation Year?

International students can obtain a place on an international foundation year which offers additional support in English Language study. Many UK universities offer an international foundation year.

What Does A Foundation Year Consist Of?

The course content for a foundation year differs depending on the university and a course. As a general rule there will be a mixture of lectures, seminars and tutorials. If appropriate there may also be practical workshops or laboratory sessions. Some universities may offer online or distance learning. During a foundation year there is a fair amount of self-study.

How do I Find A Foundation Year Course?

Foundation year courses are listed on university and college websites where they are available.

What Is A Foundation Degree?

A foundation degree combines academic and vocational learning, usually with an element of workplace learning. These are designed in association with employers to teach students the relevant skills and knowledge to gain both a qualification and workplace experience. A foundation degree focuses on a particular job or profession and is intended to increase the skills of either current staff within a profession or potential staff intending to enter that profession.

What Level Is A Foundation Degree Equivalent To?

A foundation degree is equivalent to two thirds of an honours bachelor’s degree. It is a Level 5 qualification, whereas a full degree is a Level 6 qualification and postgraduate study begins at Level 7.

How Long Is A Foundation Degree?

A full-time foundation degree can usually be completed within two years. Part-time study will increase the length of the course. Extending the course to an honours degree normally adds an extra year.

How Do You Get Onto A Foundation Degree Course?

It is not always necessary to have qualifications in order to get onto a foundation degree course. Appropriate industrial or commercial experience is often considered more relevant to this type of course. All foundation degrees take into account work experience and it may also be possible to have existing company training count as part of a foundation degree - but this is generally assessed on an individual company basis.

What Can You do After A Foundation Degree Course?

After a foundation degree it is possible to continue studies for a further year (longer if studying part-time) to obtain a full honours degree. A foundation degree may also count towards further professional qualifications, or could even be used to assist with a change in career. A foundation degree is a nationally recognised qualification and has a value within the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) which means it can be used for a variety of other things.

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