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These school league table results are based on the data collated by the Independent Schools Council (ISC). Not all independent schools are represented by the ISC and some ISC schools do not submit their exam details and are therefore not represented here. The information must therefore by interpreted in this context.

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2018 GCSE and igcse results

PositionSchool NameCountyGenderTotal Number *Percentage **
1St George's Preparatory SchoolChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
2Elizabeth CollegeChannel IslandsGirls & Boys095.00
3The Ladies' CollegeChannel IslandsGirls097.20
4Victoria CollegeChannel IslandsBoys096.00
5St Michael's Preparatory SchoolChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
6Victoria College Preparatory SchoolChannel IslandsBoys00.00
7Beaulieu Convent SchoolChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
8De La Salle CollegeChannel IslandsBoys00.00
9FCJ Primary SchoolChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
10Helvetia House SchoolChannel IslandsGirls00.00
11Truro High School for GirlsCornwallGirls0100.00
12St Joseph's SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys0100.00
13St Petroc's SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
14Truro Preparatory SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
15Truro SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys094.00
16Polwhele House SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
17St Piran's SchoolCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
18Duchy CollegeCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
19Duchy College, RosewarneCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
20Blundell's SchoolDevonGirls & Boys098.00
21Bramdean SchoolDevonGirls & Boys0100.00
22Shebbear CollegeDevonGirls & Boys096.00
23Exeter SchoolDevonGirls & Boys099.30
24Exeter Cathedral SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
25Magdalen Court SchoolDevonGirls & Boys0100.00
26Kelly College Preparatory SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
27Mount KellyDevonGirls & Boys0100.00
28Plymouth College Prep SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
29Plymouth CollegeDevonGirls & Boys094.00
30Queen Elizabeth'sDevonGirls & Boys00.00
31Blundell's Preparatory SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
32St John's International SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
33St Peter's Preparatory SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
34Kingsley School, BidefordDevonGirls & Boys083.00
35Stover SchoolDevonGirls & Boys0100.00
36Trinity SchoolDevonGirls & Boys089.00
37West Buckland SchoolDevonGirls & Boys098.00
38Abbey SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
39The Maynard SchoolDevonGirls0100.00
40St Wilfrid's SchoolDevonGirls & Boys087.00
41Exeter Tutorial CollegeDevonGirls & Boys00.00
42South Devon Steiner SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
43Sands SchoolDevonGirls & Boys071.00
44Fletewood SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
45Vranch House SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
46The New SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
47St Christopher's SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
48Devon Education and Children's ServicesDevonBoys077.70
49Park SchoolDevonGirls & Boys00.00
50Port Regis SchoolDorsetGirls & Boys00.00
* = Gaining 1 or more A* A or 9-7 passes
** = % of A* to A or 9 - 7 passes

2018 A level results

PositionSchool NameTownCountyGenderTotal Number *Percentage **
1St George's Preparatory SchoolSt Peter, JerseyChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
2Elizabeth CollegeSt Peter Port, GuernseyChannel IslandsGirls & Boys2899.00
3The Ladies' CollegeSt. Peter Port, GuernseyChannel IslandsGirls2198.70
4Victoria CollegeSt Helier, JerseyChannel IslandsBoys24100.00
5St Michael's Preparatory SchoolSt Saviour, JerseyChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
6Victoria College Preparatory SchoolSt Helier, JerseyChannel IslandsBoys00.00
7Beaulieu Convent SchoolJerseyChannel IslandsGirls & Boys19100.00
8De La Salle CollegeSt Saviour, JerseyChannel IslandsBoys00.00
9FCJ Primary SchoolSt Saviour, JerseyChannel IslandsGirls & Boys00.00
10Helvetia House SchoolSt Helier, JerseyChannel IslandsGirls00.00
11Truro High School for GirlsTruroCornwallGirls20100.00
12St Joseph's SchoolLauncestonCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
13St Petroc's SchoolBudeCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
14Truro Preparatory SchoolTruroCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
15Truro SchoolTruroCornwallGirls & Boys2099.70
16Polwhele House SchoolTruroCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
17St Piran's SchoolHayleCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
18Duchy CollegeCallingtonCornwallGirls & Boys200.00
19Duchy College, RosewarneCamborneCornwallGirls & Boys00.00
20Blundell's SchoolTivertonDevonGirls & Boys26100.00
21Bramdean SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys14100.00
22Shebbear CollegeBeaworthyDevonGirls & Boys12100.00
23Exeter SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys21100.00
24Exeter Cathedral SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys00.00
25Magdalen Court SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys150.00
26Kelly College Preparatory SchoolTavistockDevonGirls & Boys00.00
27Mount KellyTavistockDevonGirls & Boys19100.00
28Plymouth College Prep SchoolPlymouthDevonGirls & Boys00.00
29Plymouth CollegePlymouthDevonGirls & Boys2698.00
30Queen Elizabeth'sCreditonDevonGirls & Boys3068.00
31Blundell's Preparatory SchoolTivertonDevonGirls & Boys00.00
32St John's International SchoolSidmouthDevonGirls & Boys00.00
33St Peter's Preparatory SchoolExmouthDevonGirls & Boys00.00
34Kingsley School, BidefordBidefordDevonGirls & Boys1997.00
35Stover SchoolNewton AbbotDevonGirls & Boys24100.00
36Trinity SchoolTeignmouthDevonGirls & Boys2099.00
37West Buckland SchoolBarnstapleDevonGirls & Boys1997.00
38Abbey SchoolTorquayDevonGirls & Boys00.00
39The Maynard SchoolExeterDevonGirls22100.00
40St Wilfrid's SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys00.00
41Exeter Tutorial CollegeExeterDevonGirls & Boys240.00
42South Devon Steiner SchoolTotnesDevonGirls & Boys00.00
43Sands SchoolAshburtonDevonGirls & Boys00.00
44Fletewood SchoolPlymouthDevonGirls & Boys00.00
45Vranch House SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys00.00
46The New SchoolExeterDevonGirls & Boys00.00
47St Christopher's SchoolTotnesDevonGirls & Boys00.00
48Devon Education and Children's ServicesYelvertonDevonBoys00.00
49Park SchoolTotnesDevonGirls & Boys00.00
50Port Regis SchoolShaftesburyDorsetGirls & Boys00.00
* = Gaining 1 or more A* A or 9-7 passes
** = % of A* to A or 9 - 7 passes

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