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Year 4 go Music Crazy

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 10th of November 2010

The second week of the academic year at The British School of Kuwait witnessed great excitement amongst the students of Year 4 as they embarked on their Wider Opportunities in Music programme. In a further development of the school's music curriculum programme, every student in Year 4 will be learning to play either the clarinet, trumpet or violin as part of their normal weekly music lessons.

This builds upon the enormous success that Music at BSK has seen both nationally and internationally in recent times and draws upon the expertise and best practise of Music Services in the UK and our partnership with the online learning service Charanga.
The scheme is designed to complement the ongoing programmes of instrumental lessons, performance and competition and provides an exciting opportunity for every child to experience the joy of music making at a young age.

In the words of one year 4 student, 'I can't believe that I will get this chance to get involved and have my own instrument. When the teachers were handing out the instruments it was like my birthday all over again'.

Should you wish to find out more about music at BSK, please email
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