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School's gingerbread exhibition based on local town attracts huge interest

Published Wednesday 16th of January 2013 03:23:09 PM

The brief to GCSE and A Level Home Economics students at King's Bruton in Somerset was an appetising one: recreate landmarks of Bruton, instructed their teacher, Rose Vigers-Belgeonne, in gingerbread.
The results were edifying, not to say edible. With Christmas only a few weeks away, the exhibition captured the imagination of the media, bringing a plethora of film crews, reporters and photographers to King's. BBC Radio Somerset and BBC TV Points West went to town literally with the Points West reporter walking around Bruton tracing the likeness between well-known architectural landmarks and their gingerbread counterparts.
The landmarks included the Dovecote (a familiar feature overlooking Bruton); New House, one of the King's boarding Houses; St Mary's Church (where King's hold their weekly church services) and the Packhorse Bridge.
Mrs Vigers-Belgeonne said: 'I was delighted by the way the students worked in this great Bruton Bake-Off. The idea was to re-create as many Bruton landmarks as possible. The display looked fantastic with flickering lights lighting up the stained glass windows, together with sparkling frost and snow on the roof tops.'

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