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Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 24th of January 2013

Comments from current Prep School Parents:

"Kent College really does well with pastoral care. They know the children as real individuals."

"Kent College is very caring. As a working mum, if i'm away they'll give her a cuddle."

"The school has been wonderful for her, she's just thrown herself into it and her confidence has grown."

" We moved from London and loved the atmosphere in the Early Years. It felt very gentle, yet busy."

"Kent College gets very good results in terms of prepping them for grammar schools."

"The curriculum is very rich and the girls experience remarkable things with high quality resources."

"Kent College has been a very good academic choice, but still very nurturing."

"She was in an incredible drama production. It was really, really special. The school has a great reputation for drama and music."

"The facilities are so fantastic and the children are so happy."
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