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The Micklem Trophy is back at Bradfield

Published Thursday 21st of March 2013 05:00:13 PM

The Micklem Trophy is back at Bradfield

Bradfield won the Gerald Micklem Trophy on 14 March at Woking Golf Club. We had a most congenially competitive warm-up fixture with the Old Bradfieldians on Tuesday, which we won 4-2. We then went on to beat Rugby (last year's winners) 4-1, Eton 3.5-2.5 and, in the final itself, Wellington 3-2. Here we took the top 3 matches against a team whose highest handicap was 2, so that was quite some achievement by our team - Captains: Casper Howells (G) and Callum Mackay (D), with James Houghton (C), Freddy Bloem (D), Matt McCleery (G), and Jack Banton (G).

The Bradfield players were complimented on courtesy and gentlemanly conduct on and off the course, not to mention their highly competitive golf. Special mention went to Callum Mackay, who took part in the successful Hockey Regional Finals on Wednesday and then made it to Ripley just in time to join the team for the competition. He won both his matches on Thursday!
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