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Year 6 Baccalaureate Day

Published by Taunton Preparatory School on Thursday 28th of March 2013

Our Year 6 were joined by 25 pupils from other schools for a day of off timetable challenge and adventure.

They learnt vital teamwork skills on the climbing wall and found that, with encouragement and perseverance, they could achieve their goal.

They had to draw on all their creativity and independent thinking when tasked with making an advert using iPads.

Down in the kitchens, the children set about making their own cereal bars before computer designing vacuum packaging to market their product. The finished bars looked professional enough to sell in the shops and they were delicious.

Lots of new experiences and plenty of challenges. So many valuable lessons were learnt. As one pupil put it, 'I learnt to believe in myself today because I found out that I can do much more than I thought'.

We hope all the children will remember their achievements on our first Year 6 Bac Day.

Bac Day refers to the Taunton Prep School Baccalaureate, a two year programme for Years 7 and 8 aimed at encouraging key skills for life such as leadership, problem-solving, resilience, creative thinking and self-evaluation.
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