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York students want more State - Private sector Masterclasses

Published Thursday 28th of March 2013 11:17:21 AM

Students from schools all around York have called for an increase in integrated masterclasses which bring together state and private sector schools.
Speaking at an art exhibition of an Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) Masterclass at The Mount School on 20 March, organisers said that many students had expressed the wish for there to be more Masterclasses, and for each Masterclass to have more sessions.
Annette Aylett of the ISSP said 'One of the aims is to bring able, motivated students together. This Masterclass brought together students from five different schools and the works of art you see tonight are the result of nine hours together. Many of the students have asked to have more sessions per Masterclass. ISSP thanks York Minster for allowing us into their space for inspiration. The Masterclass brought together teachers and young people to produce inspiring work.'
Teachers from both the state and private sectors studied the theme of 'Spires, Stones And Gargoyles' in the Minster and in The Mount's art studios.
The students themselves have commented on how wonderful it has been to be part of this Masterclass.
Sarah, The Mount: We want more sessions, please. We wanted it to last longer!
Alexander, Manor: I really like being able to do what we want, how we like it. The Masterclass was great fun and I would do it again.
Ellie, Joseph Rowntree School: I enjoyed having the opportunity to work in ways I haven't before and benefitting from the really helpful and interesting guidance from the teachers.
Anna, Manor Academy: The best part of the Masterclass was the chance to do something different and to be inspired by the Minster.
Sophie, All Saints': I learned a lot of new techniques.
Ian, Bootham: You could learn lots of new ideas from each other, which I enjoyed.
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