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Year 6 on Rations!

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 17th of April 2013

A challenge was thrown down to the Year 6 pupils as History homework took a practical format. No mere writing and learning facts here!
Pupils were asked to cook and bring in a dish made using only the rationed ingredients that would have been available during WW2. Rising to the occasion such delights as syrup loaf, health bread, jam sponge and rock cakes were brought in for all to sample.
Some were much more successful than others; few could be described as delicious but there were some rather yummy biscuit offerings. The big shock came when calculating the proportion of rations required for such delights and a real understanding was gained of the importance of clearing one's plate and how restricted the diet of the time was.
Year 6 on Rations! - Photo 1
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