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Inspirational Upper Sixth Musicians

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 12th of June 2013

The Upper Sixth musicians at St Benedict's School, Ealing, have been a remarkable group, leading the music performances in the school and serving as wonderful role models for the younger pupils. Their final performances, during the Summer Concert held in the Cloisters Hall, were full of verve and passion, reminding a packed audience exactly why they have made such an impact throughout their years at the school.
Bill Lansbury has been the outstanding musician of the year, winning the School Music Festival and the Flohouse Cup for the last three years running, an exceptional achievement amongst such high competition. Director of Music, Dicky Thomas said: 'Bill has made a remarkable contribution to St Benedict's music over the past seven years. He is a top-level performer on three instruments the clarinet, saxophone and piano - and his hat-trick of Flohouse Cups sets a record that will take some beating. Above all he is an excellent musician and a fine role-model for young aspiring performers. He will be greatly missed.' Ed Watson and Andrew Jamieson have been regular members of the Ealing Youth Orchestra for a number of years.
Jesse Cayford opened the Summer Concert proceedings, singing the lovely 'Silent Noon' by Ralph Vaughan Williams, followed by an abrupt change of tempo as Lincoln Barrett, Ed Cuss, Ryan Griffin and Bill Lansbury played a 'jam'. Ed Watson played a catchy Nocturno Op.7, by Franz Strauss, on the French horn and then Andrew Jamieson and Head Boy Josh Somerville presented 'Maya' by Ian Clarke, a flute duet, with Bill Lansbury accompanying on the piano. Bill and Josh both played beautiful solos Bill giving a moving rendition of 'Clair de Lune' by Claude Debussy on the piano while Josh played two lively flute pieces by Franz Doppler. The Upper Sixth individual performances were interspersed by pieces from the school choirs and various ensembles.
Summing up, Nicholas Krol (Year 10) said: 'It was a fantastic concert and a great night for music, showing to parents the great depth of musical talent in our School. At the end we said a nostalgic goodbye to the Upper Sixth Form Leavers who have been musically inspirational.' Headmaster Chris Cleugh thanked the Upper Sixth for their contribution to music at St Benedict's School and wished them well in their further studies and with their musical careers.
Inspirational Upper Sixth Musicians - Photo 1Inspirational Upper Sixth Musicians - Photo 2
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