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Prizegiving 2010

Published by Loughborough Amherst School on Tuesday 7th of December 2010

OLCS Prizegiving was attended by the Mayor of Charnwood and the speaker was Sarah Outen who was the first woman, and youngest person, to row 4,000 miles across the Indian Ocean. Students gave readings of their work, performed an instrumental solo, sang a duet whilst the choir and orchestra also contributed to the very successful and entertaining evening.

Sarah Outen presented the awards and followed with a talk about her experiences in 2009 and the lessons learned. Despite eating 500 bars of chocolate on the 124 day voyage, Sarah lost 20kg in weight, whilst encountering and overcoming a number of life threatening challenges. There was general agreement that Sarah was one of the most inspirational and engaging speakers, capturing the attention of young and older people in the audience.

Head Girl, Emily Cox gave a vote of thanks and major award winners were: Alex Morris, Eve Mason and Miranda Priestley - Astra Zeneca Science prizes; Amy Nottridge Basak Memorial Cup; Sally Fitchett Burton Cup; Clare Devine Burdell Music Cup.

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