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The Bishop's Stortford College Leadership Course 2013

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 27th of June 2013

'Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country'
President JF Kennedy 20th January, 1961

The focus on the Bishop's Stortford College Leadership Course is skill development for those moving into their final year of school and who will be soon going out into the world to be leaders.

'Bishop's Stortford College aspires to create independent minded young men and women of integrity and dynamism, and this course is all about extending those talents through two days of theoretical exploration and practical application of leadership ideas,' explained Head of Sixth Form and course organiser, Tim Borton. 'During the Course Introduction, the year 12 students were set the challenge of finding ways to ensure that they leave the College at the end of their Upper Sixth stewardship in an even better state than they inherit it. Part of leadership is about service, much as JFK famously espoused in his Inauguration Speech, about the legacy you receive and pass on as you travel through. It isn't only the taking on of major roles, but also all the little acts of kindness or the setting of standards and values through personal example which can transform the experience of school life for others.'

The course blends discussion and role-play in groups, includes specific challenges and whole year group meetings, such as the Q and A session with the Headmaster and members of the Senior Management Team. In the past, many new initiatives have been sparked by the exchanges at the Q and A, and this year has already stimulated the introduction of kickboxing for next year, the formation of a horse riding activity and the setting up of a Sixth Form newspaper/blog.
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