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Aldenham School Annual Art Exhibition

Published by Aldenham School on Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Aldenham School held its annual Art Exhibition, including GCSE and A level artwork, with a private viewing on Thursday 20th June. The exhibition was again available at Visitation Day (prize giving) on 23rd June when parents, staff and visitors were treated to an excellent display of fantastic work from the students. The new Wells Centre was a lovely setting for the A2 work and the newly designed screens displayed the work beautifully. Work ranged from lifelike portraits to 3D natural form sculptures and intricate paintings of flowers and plants. At GCSE there were some particularly impressive large animal canvases including an outstanding lifelike painting of a rhino by Grace Conway who won the Letchmore Trust competition. Other winning pieces on display included Ella Stranis-Oppler's portrait of her father which won the Painter Stainers' prize in London earlier this year.

Every bit of wall space was covered in the Art department and there was notable talent amongst the students at every age group. Visitors commented on the high quality of the work and the displays, some even saying the standard was higher than recent professional exhibitions and degree shows they have seen. It was a great opportunity to showcase the impressive work by Aldenham students. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and was full of praise for the high quality work on display.
Aldenham School Annual Art Exhibition - Photo 1
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