Badington House School

Spark of Genius positive outcomes

Published Thursday 25th of July 2013 03:46:34 PM

'It has given me the confidence to try new things, work with others and makes me proud that they listen and see me as a positive role model.'

Dalsetter young person

'Everything is set for you personally instead of the same for everyone.'
Musselburgh pupil

'It might be a small school but we are all like one big family'.
Glengarnock pupil

'I feel safe within my school, I have made new friends and I have started to achieve my targets in class'.
Glengarnock pupil

'I have developed a lot since coming to Old Mill and think I have matured and staff have helped me to be able to deal with things that I couldn't cope with before. I'm now looking forward to going home to be near my family again. They have seen a big change in me'
Young Person

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