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West Side Story - a musical extravaganza at Queen Margaret's School

Published Tuesday 11th of January 2011 10:24:36 AM

On the 25th, 26th and 27th November, audiences at Queen Margaret's School were transported to the streets of 1950s New York in the Senior school performance of the famous Broadway musical West Side Story.

The musical adaption of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet by Bernstein, Laurents, Robbins and Sondheim depicts the fated story of young lovers Maria and Tony. The QM cast of 35 girls performed an excellent ensemble piece, boasting a strong field of talented actresses, dancers and singers. The performers were supported by a dedicated backstage team of pupils and staff who have been involved in the rehearsals and planning of the production since September. During the performances the girls successfully portrayed the extremes of comedy and tragedy, in what only can be described as a musical extravaganza. Each girl was convincing in her role, from the comical musical number of Officer Krupke to the heart wrenching climax of Tony's death in the final scene. The cold metal backdrop and stark staging provided the perfect setting for an explosion of raw emotion which the actors delivered with moving conviction. The senior girls at QM truly performed a fitting testimony to such a famous musical.
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