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Sir Peter Scott Memorial Lecture at Oundle School

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 10th of October 2013

The first General Studies talk of the year at Oundle School was delivered by Sir Jonathon Porritt on the subject of Sustainability.
The talk represents the inaugural Sir Peter Scott Memorial lecture. Renowned conservationist, ornithologist and naturalist, former pupil Sir Peter Scott was the son of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott. He won a bronze medal in the 1936 Olympic Games, a Distinguished Service Cross for Bravery in World War Two (battle of the Atlantic) and was a British Champion for Gliding. A prolific author and gifted artist, Sir Peter Scott was also Co-Founder of the World Wildlife Fund.
During his talk delivered to Oundle's Sixth Form pupils, Sir Jonathon Porritt identified the various problems faced by humanity today, ranging from overpopulation, climate change and threats to biodiversity. He intimated that we have all the necessary technology at our disposal to make a substantial difference. As he articulated it, the world of 2050 is being made right now in every sphere of government and society. In the light of the renewable revolution taking place (e.g. 70% of Germany's electricity created from renewable energy), he suggested that a 90% target for renewable energy was not unrealistic. He hinted that his forthcoming book on the subject would thereby be optimistic about the future.

Oundle pupil, Molly Clayton (17) commented, 'Sir Jonathon Porritt directed a fascinating Q&A session, which focused on nuclear energy, possible solutions to the demographic problems, fracking and the role of the global economy. He concluded by reminding us that sustainability should not be approached from a purely statistical perspective; it remains part of a very human story, indeed the future of the next generation.'
Jonathon Porritt was Director of Friends of the Earth (1984-1990), established Forum for the Future in 1996 (UK's leading sustainable development charity) and was the Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission (2000-2009).

History teacher and Head of the School's Environmental Working Party, Ian Clark commented, 'Oundle School recently adopted a bold new Environmental Policy and is striving to meet its ambitious sustainability targets. Whether installing a new Energy management system, retrofitting existing buildings with low energy or LED lighting, or ensuring we try to match BREEAM standards in new buildings, we are trying to ensure that we minimise our environmental impact as much as a large and diverse school can. In 2013-14, we are also launching a new 'SeeThinkAct' campaign in the School, to help our pupils and staff make the right decisions about energy use and recycling. With a heritage that holds such wonderful figures as Sir Peter Scott, it is beholden on a School like ours to help educate this and future generations in careful husbandry of the planet.'

 Sir Peter Scott Memorial Lecture at Oundle School - Photo 1
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