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RN Section of Oundle CCF enjoys activities at Grafham Water

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 10th of October 2013

Over September Field Weekend, the Oundle School CCF Naval section visited Grafham Water Centre.

Over the weekend, the new Fourth Form (Year 10) cadets were involved in activities including sailing, kayaking, canoeing, high-ropes and climbing.

The Fifth Form (Year 11) took part in the Grafham Challenge, which included being blindfolded and led through an obstacle course. Cadets took part in personal leadership tasks which also encouraged teamwork - these being two key requirements necessary for cadets who are to take more commanding roles next year.

Lower Sixth former, Toby Winter (16), who took his level 2 power-boating course commented, 'It was surprisingly difficult and very different from what I expected. We learnt that going fast on the water was easy whilst going slowly and stopping was by far the hardest part. It took patience but after two days and under great coaching, we finally managed to master the slow manoeuvres. To celebrate our achievement we went speeding off across the reservoir, hopefully not disturbing too many fishermen!'

On the last day, due to a change in the weather, there was no sailing but the able Grafham staff adapted the schedule and the Fourth and Fifth formers had a raft-building race. This was along the lines of a 'Scrapheap Challenge' episode; the cadets could create their rafts out of barrels, planks, rope and whatever they could find and then test and evaluate them before improving them. After all the preparation was finished, there was a 400m race to the buoy. Inevitably most of the rafts broke apart and the cadets had an enjoyable swim!

Whilst the majority of the RN section was at Grafham, the Upper Sixth formers were taking either their Sailing level 1 or Windsurfing qualifications at Whitwell, Rutland.

Toby concluded, 'This School Field Weekend would not have been the same without the fabulous coaching of the Grafham instructors and all the School staff helping to make sure we were well fed and well rested. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend away.'

RN Section of Oundle CCF enjoys activities at Grafham Water - Photo 1
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