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St Benedict's is a Biking School

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 25th of October 2013

St Benedict's, Ealing has become a Biking School, following some very successful work by the School Eco Council in promoting walking, cycling and scooting to school.

The School is working in partnership with Ealing Council and the Bicycle Society to reduce the amount of cars on the roads and encourage cycling. Ealing is the first London borough to pilot this scheme and St Benedict's is one of only two schools participating. The borough has allocated £50,000 worth of funding to St Benedict's. BMX and all round cycling enthusiast Rob Reed has been working in the Junior School every Tuesday this term. He is founder of the Bicycle Society and has been commissioned by Ealing Council to work with schools to promote cycling.

The aim is to have all children confident in bike riding and children from Upper Prep (Year 4) upwards to have their Bikability badges. This involves them participating in a cycle course to ensure they are road safe. Throughout the year there will be many initiatives and fun activities to get children, parents and staff on their bikes.

Travel Coordinators Becky Machin (Junior School) and Kate Linton (Senior School) have been responsible for overseeing the whole scheme. They describe some of the activities that have already taken place this term: 'Both Junior and Senior Schools have organised successful Bike Swap days in October. We have also had a Bike Day where children in the Junior School took part in a race against the clock and each other on a Rollapaluza. This involved two children trying to get the furthest distance on a stationary bike whilst being timed. The youngest classes have already been given Balance Bike training. We have begun our Biker's Breakfast on a Thursday morning and our bike monitors have been handing out a cereal bar and juice to anyone who cycles in on that day. Bike Mentors have also been appointed in the Senior School.'
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