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Speed Mentoring at the International Day of the Girl

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 29th of October 2013

At this year's International Day of the Girl, twelve pupils from Bishop's Stortford College Prep School were part of an all-female takeover of the London Eye for some early morning speed mentoring.

Assigned to each pod were six pupils, a member of staff and six inspirational women. During two rotations of the pod, each girl had the opportunity to discuss a question they had about career choices and/or education to one mentor for fifteen minutes. They could then pose the same question to a second mentor to gain a different perspective.

The mentors were women from business, musicians with their own companies, international consultants, charity organisers, radio broadcasters and journalists, all giving their time for free.

Once back at Southbank Centre, the day continued with performances by extraordinarily talented young women, followed by workshops and debates exploring positive body image and self-esteem. Workshops included watching a play by Body Gossip on body image, attending a session on body awareness run by Dove, and listening to concerts by an all-girl Jazz band, a female guitarist/singer and a fantastic poet called Sabrina Mahfouz.

'The mentoring was a particular highlight of the day and our girls were amazing. They really did us proud,' said Wendy Sharman, who organised the trip.

Pupil highlights of the day�

'The Body Gossip play inspired me to embrace individuality and to value being unique. I think the speed mentoring was my favourite part though. These women with amazing occupations have made me realise what to value in my present and future. My aspirations now feel achievable because these iconic females made me want to follow a similar trail of success.'

'I really liked the self-esteem workshop and the body image videos�because it proved how we shouldn't think bad about ourselves and how we should make ourselves feel proud of who we are.'

'On the London Eye, I became far more confident about what I want to do in the future and how I am going to make it possible. One of my mentors said that steps to what I want to do will come eventually and while I should stay working towards one target, I should keep my eyes open for each goal that will get me there. Another area that I think I have benefitted from is body confidence. Although I thought that parts of the play were cheesy, I liked the message that it portrayed. I have really enjoyed the day because I have learnt about other people's thoughts on sexism, discrimination and equality.'

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