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Romans Invade Pre-Prep at Bishop's Stortford Colllege

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 27th of November 2013

As part of their study of the Romans this term, Bishop's Stortford College's Lower Shell (Year 3) class have been studying the mighty Roman Army and the invasion of Celtic Britain. During half term all the pupils made some fantastic shields which were put to full use last week when they marched up the hill to invade Pre-Prep!

Once the year two classes were seized, they were spoken to in strange languages and commanded to put their jumpers inside out and shoes on the wrong feet to symbolise having to change their way of life.

The organised battle formations were then displayed and testing the 'Testudo' formation, soft balls were thrown at the Pre-Prep children! The defences held strong!

It was a great fun event and one from which the children learned to appreciate the emotions on both sides of an invasion.
Romans Invade Pre-Prep at Bishop's Stortford Colllege - Photo 1
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