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Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 19th of March 2014


I was studying in Spain before I came to Rockport and I hope to be here for the full year to improve my English. The thing I enjoy the most is all the good friends I've made here, even though I've only been here for 2 months. I also really enjoy the food, snacks, Sports and good company. It makes up for the all the studying I have to do! I think Rockport is a very nice place in which you learn a lot and where everyone accepts you for who you are. It's comfortable and cool - I love Rockport!

I was at a school in Kent before I came to Rockport. It was a Boarding school but I had never boarded before I came to Rockport. The experience has been really good and the best thing is my friends and knowing I have a home from home. My family decided they wanted me to board in Northern Ireland because of family connections and our plan to eventually move back here. Boarding was the best way for me to start the school and I've really enjoyed Air Cadets and Rugby. I also enjoy running around all the great grounds. Where we are on the coast is one of the best things about Rockport.

I've been here for ten months. I came to Rockport because I really didn't enjoy my old school and needed a fresh start. My family also live on the North Coast and it made sense to study and live somewhere that gave me my own space but also allowed me to travel home at the weekend to see them. There's always something to do at Rockport and I think the best reason to come to Rockport is because everyone is really like a big family.
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