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Godolphin Celebrates Science Week

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

Science Week at Godolphin culminated with the traditional Inter-House Science Quiz which took place in the PAC (Performing Arts Centre).

Throughout the week, the Science Department ran a series of specialised events, which included building rockets and using hydrogen to launch them, a Biology Scavenger Hunt which saw the girls scurrying around the school searching for fauna and flora, a Laser Challenge which generated more than a few shrieks and squeals, and the Great Godolphin Egg Race which was attended by several visiting schools as well as Godolphin Prep and Godolphin First Years.

There were also a number of board quizzes which the team in the Science Department had worked extremely hard at putting together and girls and staff were encouraged to attempt as many of the quizzes as possible. Word soon got out that each attempt earned the person concerned a House Point, regardless of the outcome, and this encouraged a wide variety of people to participate some of whom had probably never been in the science block before!

The Science Quiz got under way with all three Houses Douglas, Hamilton and Methuen neck and neck for points. This added to the tension and excitement and each round in the quiz was fiercely contested.

The quiz traditionally starts with the reciting of a science poem written by an Upper Sixth scientist many years ago. This year, however, the current Upper Sixth Scientists put together a video which was both highly amusing and very clever. Judging by the crowd response, this was a great success.

There were several rounds in the quiz and each one was based on a TV show, for example Pointless, the Generation Game, great for audience participation, and Mastermind. Special mention must be made of the girls who 'sat in the chair' for the specialist subjects which were:

* Suzanna Healy Complex Ion Colours
* Emilia Ames Mendeleev and the Periodic Table
* Eleanor Beattie Cystic Fibrosis

The girls had to answer some tough questions and the awe and respect afforded from the audience verified the expertise of each girl in her subject.

The Overall Shield was won by Douglas House and presented by Rev'd Jane Ball. The MVP award, presented by Mrs Doherty, was won by Emilia Ames, for the second consecutive year.

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