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'Folk Fusion' are a hit

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 7th of May 2014

The Folk Fusion Ensemble from St Benedict's School, Ealing was short listed to take part in the final of a national Folk competition called New Roots. Upper Sixth students Joseph Curran (flute), Francesco Orlando (bass), Ben Udwin (guitar) and Tom Best (drums) performed in front of a panel of judges comprising some of the UK's most high-profile folk artists. The event took place on Sunday 6th April at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans.

Tom Best describes how it went: 'The competition is not a typical one, as there are no winners or losers as such, instead the successful participants are chosen by festival and gig event organisers to play in their events. When our name was called, we were nervous to say the least, but excited as it was our first live performance as a group! Our pieces went well with few hiccups! After listening to fellow competitors and a long waiting period, the judges Gavin Davenport, Carolyn Robson, Lynne Heraud and Andy Stafford gave their feedback - valuable and constructive but most of all, positive! We are now looking forward to the chance to play in more performances and to hear the outcome of the competition. Following the competition we have also gone into a music studio to record our competition pieces.'

Drum Teacher Matt Fisher, who teaches the students and prepared the ensemble for the competition said: 'They were brilliant. Very proud! Everyone was very impressed with them, particularly as they were the only school band there (most others were degree level music students) and they got some excellent feedback from the panel of judges who were all eminent individuals on the folk scene. The premise is that everyone who was invited to perform at the final on Sunday will get chosen for a big performance opportunity of some sort, for example a major festival or folk club.'
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