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ISI and Ofsted Section 48 Inspection

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 28th of February 2011

St Martha's school received a standard ISI inspection and an Ofsted Section 48 inspection in January. As a Catholic school, James Sheridan, Headmaster was particularly pleased to achieve 'outstanding' in all ten aspects of the section 48 inspection. 'I do not know of any other school who has managed this with the mix of faith backgrounds that we have at St Martha's. It is testimony to the excellent community cohesion that pervades our school. We are very proud of this.'

The ISI reflects the Section 48 report and is a glowing testimony to the outstanding work that is clearly going on at the school. The inspection team worked closely and in harmony with the staff and management to reach their final conclusions which were equally impressive. Mr Sheridan is delighted with the outcome. 'I am very proud of our school. The inspectors did a wonderful job and established a good understanding of the outstanding achievements at St Martha's. As always, the team provided us with targets for going forward. We are very pleased with these and the targets are already in our plans. It can be quite a challenge for an inspection team to get inside the culture and ethos of a school, but the wonderful comments made about the quality of our academic achievements, our girls personal development and the outstanding management reflect the hard work that has gone into the last few years by the dedicated team of professional at St Martha's. Both teaching and non-teaching staff are very proud of our success. I am sure that the founding Sisters of St Martha's must be very proud of their school. I am equally sure that our parents will read the reports with pride and be gratified in the knowledge that St Martha's has been confirmed as the right choice for their daughter.'

The reports are now available to download from the school website
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