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Once Upon a Crime!

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 31st of July 2014

At the end of Trinity term, Form 2 at St Benedict's Junior School presented an extraordinary production called 'Once Upon a Crime!'

Luca Braddock (Form 2P News Reporter) summarises the action:

Jack Spratt bemoans the amount of crime on the streets of Happy Valley. The Police are run off their feet and struggling to cope with the demands of everyday policing. Goldie Lox seeks out Jack Spratt for his aid in solving a series of crimes in Happy Valley. Ma Hubbard, Goldie Lox and Simple Simon are at the dairy looking for Marigold, the beloved cow. Meanwhile, the police are chasing down Tom-Tom, the piper's son, in possession of a stolen pig.

The Porridge Pot Diner is reopening for business and the owner himself, the evil mastermind Papa Bear, is there to greet the diners. Desperate to fulfil his master plan of taking over the world of porridge production, Papa Bear and his nasty henchmen, the Billy Goat Brothers plot to cause chaos by launching a crime wave like never before.

The police continue to make a mess of solving crime, inevitably arresting the wrong suspect at every opportunity. The Billy Goats call upon the help of the Lumberjacks who are axe-happy and keen to get to work. Ma Hubbard, Goldie and Simon have lost Marigold�again. Is Papa Bear behind it and is he looking for a ransom in the form of Ma Hubbard's recipe book for porridge?

Junior Bear confides in Goldie Lox and they seek the help of Jack Spratt to solve the latest crime wave engulfing Happy Valley. The Lumberjacks want their cash, Papa Bear wants Ma Hubbard's recipe book and the police want their suspect (and their nuts!).

Papa Bear's evil master plan starts to unravel as various suitcases with mistaken identities lead him to being arrested by the police. When the dust settles on this story of crime, one thing's for sure�everyone lives Happily Ever After!
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