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St Benedict's says 'No' to Scottish Independence

Published on isbi School News dated Wednesday 8th of October 2014

It was the question gripping the country throughout the summer and into September: Should Scotland become an independent country? Here at St Benedict's we decided to get involved. Yes and No campaign teams were established and they had just days to research arguments being used by the official Yes Scotland and Better Together campaign teams before going head to head in the St Benedict's Scottish referendum debate.

The event took place in the Cloisters on Monday 15th September with hundreds in the audience representing the whole school, including the Junior School. The audience settled down to hear each side's opinion guided by hosts Ben Farmer and Sam Lythgoe (Year 11). Both sides made their case well with heated arguments following tense questions from the audience and then it was off to the polling station.

The Middle school went to polls on Wednesday during lunch with the Upper School, Sixth Form and staff following suit on Thursday along with the whole of Scotland. The result? A more extreme win for the No camp than in Scotland with a 77% win. The highest year to vote in favour of independence was Year 9 at 37%. The highest turnout was, in fact among the teachers at 72% closely followed by the Year 7 just 1% behind.

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