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Caterham School Highly Rated in Government Tables for Value Added

Published Thursday 3rd of March 2011 12:09:32 PM

Department for Education tables for 2010 which were published in January 2011 show that, at Key Stage 5, Caterham School was in the Top 1% of all schools and colleges in England and 55th overall. Compared to all independent schools in England, Caterham School was ranked 28th nationally.

Headmaster Julian Thomas said: ''We have a proud academic track record which places us each year among the top schools in the country. In 2010 The Financial Times reported that, based on our A Level results, we were one of the top 35 independent schools in the country and one of the top 5 co-educational day and boarding schools in the country. However, we do not believe that raw results alone show the true measure of a school. It is far more important that each individual achieves his or her very best. We take greater pride therefore from our position as one of the top schools in the country in enhancing the performance of our students.''
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