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St Benedict's Nativity Plays

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 16th of December 2014

Reception and Years 1 and 2 at St Benedict's School presented their Nativity Plays to audiences of parents and friends. All the children performed their parts with energy and enthusiasm and it was a great way to end the Michaelmas Term.

Reception children dazzled with their production of 'Humph the Camel' about a grumpy camel whose heart instantly melts when he meets the baby Jesus for the first time. An extra special vitality and energy was saved for the grand finale 'Let it go' and even the Mums and Dads couldn't help singing along to this one!

Year 1 presented their performance of 'A present for the baby' a lovely story which reminded us that the gift of love is far more important than wealth and riches.

'Are we nearly there yet?' was the title of Year 2's play. The Walker family set off on a walking holiday and meet Mary and Joseph, who are making their own journey. God's special angels are busy zooming around, 'Faster than a rocket' spreading the news to both Shepherds and Kings and all finally meet in Bethlehem to end the play with an energetic finale.
St Benedict's Nativity Plays - Photo 1St Benedict's Nativity Plays - Photo 2
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