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Kirby Moor Specialist Independent School rated Outstanding in Ofsted inspection

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 29th of January 2015

Kirby Moor School is a specialist school for pupils aged 10 18 who face behavioural, emotional and social challenges and / or additional learning needs. The inspection team visited the School on 14-16 October 2014.

Head Teacher, Mrs Catherine Garton congratulated her staff team and pupils saying:

'I am absolutely delighted and thrilled that all of our hard work has been acknowledged and that the pupil's academic, social and emotional developmental progress has been recognised. I know we are a great team but to have an outside body praise us so highly is a credit to all of the individuals who work so hard to support the pupils we work with'.

Our Highlights:

'Pupils make outstanding progress with their learning across a wide range of subjects and experiences. Those who remain at the school until the end of Key Stage 4 are well prepared to take up places on a variety of courses in further education. This is a major achievement, given the low starting points with which most enter the school.'

The school achieved outstanding in all 4 inspected areas:

Leadership and Management
'�is outstanding and has resulted in excellent improvements in teaching and pupils' progress� Subject leaders ensure that pupils have access to appropriate external accreditation at levels suited to their capabilities� pupils aspire to be successful in their education.'

Behaviour and safety of pupils
'�is outstanding. All enter the school with complex emotional conditions and previous challenging behaviour. Pupils' academic achievements provide outstanding evidence of the improvements in their behaviour over time.'

Quality of teaching
'�is outstanding because it enables pupils to enjoy being in school, to take their work seriously and to achieve outstanding results.

Achievement of pupils
'�is outstanding. Pupils' progress in English and Mathematics is excellent. They enjoy reading and many demonstrate excellent success in extended writing. Pupils progress rapidly in mathematics and science, and learn to apply a range of skills from their information and communication technology (ICT) lessons.'
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