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Numbers are very important!

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 6th of March 2015

The St Benedict's Junior School Maths Week took place from 2nd to 6th February and our main aim was to highlight that Mathematics can be FUN! The Drama hobby group kicked it all off by showing us what a troublesome place the world would be without any numbers burning food, lost postmen, no football scores and generally miserable birthdays! The whole School agreed that numbers are very important indeed!

Monday started with an intriguing urgent message from Jackson Kavanagh, who works with the police. He had heard that the children at St Benedict's are very good at solving problems and desperately needed their help with a particularly tricky case. Having been introduced to the crime scene, the suspects and their possible motives, the children worked in teams to tackle a series of mathematical challenges. The children all had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed using their Maths skills in such a creative way.

On Thursday the Quantum Theatre presented 'The Calculating Mr One' to the Pre-Preps. The story was set in a museum, where an amazing calculating machine was kept. The lady looking after it saw a man trying to steal the machine. She pulled down his jeans and saw brightly coloured tights and that was the first clue in finding the thief. Mr One and his servant Kitty entertained the children with mathematical clues and, after lots of funny jokes and songs, the mystery was solved and everyone cheered and clapped.

There were Mathematics logo and poem competitions and the week ended with a fantastic Maths assembly on the Friday morning. A steady stream of colourful and innovative Maths hats flowed into the Junior School Hall. Tall hats, sparkly hats, interactive hats and even dance-themed hats! Senior School Maths teachers, Mrs Paula Jarvis and Ms Rose Mushaike, were most impressed with the high level mathematical skills displayed by the children as they demonstrated some 'magical maths'. The children were astounded as Mrs Jarvis guessed the number in a sealed envelope and then demonstrated how to multiply a very large number by 11.

The Assembly fittingly finished off a wonderful week. Mrs Emma Kottler, Junior School Head of Mathematics, thanked the pupils who had acted as Maths Ambassadors. They had come up with competition ideas, designed a trail for the Pre-Preps, created posters to advertise the week and generally showed a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for the subject.
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