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Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 24th of March 2011

Many congratulations to 17 delegates from Gresham's who represented the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Israel, the Russian Federation and the World Bank at the recent Haganum Model United Nations in The Hague. This was the largest number of delegates and delegations that Gresham's has ever fielded.

The teams were a mixture of experienced old hands Christo Tracey, Will Foley, Will Brady, Nick Stromberg and Oli Mitchell and a host of first-timers Ves Ivanov, Katherine Bristow, Paula Christen, Casey Coate, Anna Haffmans, Amelie Jochums, April Lyon, Rhiann MacLachlan, Alex Nixon, Giles Thompson, Freddie Van Hasselt and Caroline Wells. It was wonderful to see how quickly these novices grew in confidence during the conference and contributed to debates.

Gresham's dominated the conference passing several resolutions and commanding the closing General Assembly with impressive speeches from Christo Tracey, Oli Mitchell and Ves Ivanov. It was inspiring to see the Guest Speaker, ex-Dutch Foreign Minister and Dutch representative in Rome at the Food and Agricultural Organisation, the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Agnes van Ardenne, addressing all the delegates in front of words written by one Gresham's delegation, amended by another and mentioning a third.

MUN DEN HAAG 2011 - Photo 1
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