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Godolphin School Elections held on Thursday 7 May 2015

Published Monday 11th of May 2015 03:05:55 PM

Godolphin's Mock Election has been won by the Conservative Party. However, they did not win a clear majority and so have formed a coalition with the Green Party. The Conservatives, the Green Party and the Monster Raving Looney party secured most of the votes 77.3% between them.

Voting turnout was higher than the national elections with an overall school community showing 73% but some year groups as high as 96% and 91% and staff turnout a creditable 91%. Despite being in the middle of their exams, 52% of the Fifth Years turned out to vote which is to be highly commended.

Congratulations to the Student Union for organising and managing an informative and fun election campaign which included a live TV debate (see Godolphin's You Tube Channel) attended by all seven party leaders.

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