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King John visits Godolphin Prep to check on his Magna Carta (cake)

Published Wednesday 17th of June 2015 09:42:36 AM

On June 15 1215, King John sealed the Magna Carta and thought he had pulled a fast one over the bossy barons. But on June 15 2015 he returned to Godolphin Prep to see how things were going, to discover the document had been made in to a cake! He was, however, greeted by almost 80 barons, made by the girls at Godolphin Prep who range in age from 3 – 11, and after a few curtsies and a few “boos”, the King and the Barons settled down to a cup of tea and a piece of cake. The girls then went on to watch the live broadcast from Discovery Education on Magna Carta and enjoyed interacting with Dan Snow via social media. “History is a living thing at Godolphin Prep and the girls have loved making the barons, learning about Magna Carta and, of course, eating cake” said Miss Julia Miller, Head.
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