Ratcliffe College Top 09/02/22

The annual Bedales Coracle Race

Published Monday 10th of August 2015 05:56:14 PM

The annual coracle race took place on Wednesday afternoon during our mini heat wave. The plan for this year’s race was firstly to have a relay amongst the Block 3 students, who made the majority of the coracles during their Outdoor Work lessons by coppicing willow and hazel, and then have an open race. However, soon after the start of the race this format quickly disintegrated along with some of their coracles as the temptation for cooling down and throwing each other in the pond was understandably too much to resist! The restart proved much more successful and some great team work came to the fore, with Katie McBride’s tutor group showing the greatest aptitude. Thank you to all the lifeguards and staff for supporting the event. By Andrew Martin, Head of Outdoor Work Featured in The Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/11728745/Good-news-Friday-whatever-floats-your-boat.html
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