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Half Energy Day at Farnborough Hill

Published on isbi School News dated Tuesday 19th of April 2011

Girls at Farnborough Hill have been raising awareness amongst young people of our energy problems. They held their second Half Energy Day (HED) on 30 March 2011.

In the lead up to Half Energy Day, Sixth Formers visited local prep and primary schools, often their old school. They explained how and why we should all think about our over-use of energy and the serious problems that it is causing. They found the children very knowledgeable about climate change, energy saving and recycling but head teachers said that the message was much more meaningful when delivered by young people rather than by teachers. The children also enjoyed receiving stickers and were very enthusiastic about entering the National HED Poster Competition, with the chance of winning an ipod nano.

At Farnborough Hill, a very successful Recycled Fashion Accessories Sale was held to pay for the ipod nano prize. Girls also contributed 50p each to plant 6 ten foot cherry trees near the school entrance, to help offset the school's carbon footprint and as a symbol of the future. The Half Energy Day logo this year is 'A HED start to a brighter future!'. Girls also made a giant poster using footprints to promote the message that we have a wonderful world so why spoil it?

On 30 March, everyone was encouraged to wear extra layers, turn the heating right down, share lifts, microwave food, turn lights off and watch less TV. To measure the reduction in energy, girls were asked to read their electric and gas meters at home in order to calculate a normal day's energy use and then compare it to the amount used on Half Energy Day. It is hoped that measuring the energy being used will lead to an appreciation of how much is really needed and encourage us to treat electricity and gas as precious commodities. We hope that young people will begin to take responsibility in this respect and establish good habits for a sustainable future.

Half Energy Day at Farnborough Hill - Photo 1Half Energy Day at Farnborough Hill - Photo 2
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