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Academic Plaudits for St Benedict’s

Published on isbi School News dated Monday 29th of February 2016

Six Upper Sixth students at St Benedict’s School in Ealing are celebrating excellent results in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Laura Kelly, Nick Krol, Alex Levy, Natalie Maalouf, Cameron Mercer and Chris Sweeney all achieved A*. Dr Julie Greenhough, who leads the EPQ department, commented: “In addition to the 100% pass rate at A*, 50% of the cohort secured full marks. The students take the EPQ off timetable, finding the required 120 hours of study and research amongst all their other commitments, so their achievement is all the more impressive. They have to research a topic totally unconnected with anything they are studying on the A level syllabus.” The exam board AQA acknowledged this achievement in its report to the school: ‘Everything about this centre is outstanding’ it wrote. ‘The candidates showed impressive attention to the importance of clearly defined aims and objectives and had been well-prepared.’ The students were praised for ‘such an interesting range of impressively planned, managed, well supported and clearly argued work.’
Academic Plaudits for St Benedict’s - Photo 1
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