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Student Testimonial-Aorthi Afroza

Published Wednesday 13th of April 2016 03:37:38 AM

I am so grateful that my parents chose to send me to ACG Parnell College in Year 7. There is no doubt that the school has shaped me in so many ways. The teachers really teach! That sounds obvious but at this school they go out of their way to make sure that we understand fully and will give extra tutorials if needed. The academic focus does not limit the extra-curricular activities offered: opportunities in drama, music and sports abound. Drama is my favourite and I have benefited greatly from our drama faculty led by a drama teacher who has boundless enthusiasm for her subject. I am studying Physics and was thrilled to be part of the Physic trip to America earlier this year. During the trip I discovered a real interest in aerospace engineering. So now I aim to take mechanical engineering at Auckland University and then perhaps back to America to follow this interest in aerospace engineering.
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