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Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 14th of April 2016

FUTURE PLANS: Study Medicine DREAM JOB: Anaesthetist SUBJECTS AT ACG SENIOR COLLEGE: Biology, Maths, Chemistry, English Literature I’m Teresa and ACG Senior College is helping to prepare me for pre-med courses at university. I’ve had this as my goal since intermediate and I knew that Senior College was the place I needed to be to help get me there. Changing from NCEA to the Cambridge International Examination system was one of my reasons for coming to ACG Senior College. This has had its challenges. To be honest, it’s a big step up in content quantity, answering style, technique, marking schedules and assessment method. There’s no reason to be apprehensive though, the teachers help to make it as painless as possible. They’re always there to help out if you need it. This could mean extra resources or having one-on-one meetings with them out of class hours. When I was over that hurdle I could concentrate on other areas important to me. I went to a YN Youth event last year as a delegate, and it got me thinking as a more fortunate Year 11 student, what I could do to contribute and perhaps catalyst change. I quickly saw the potential for starting a UNICEF committee at school. Mr Gottard, the Deputy Principal, and a student leader made it a simple process – just one meeting. Now, there’s no looking back! Some of the exciting things currently going on include a campaigning Facebook group, a loud noticeboard, some funky fundraisers and the prospect of a Senior College delegation at UNICEF Youth Congress in Wellington later this year. I’m so grateful and happy to be at a school where aspirations are nurtured instead of transformed into some restricted and lengthy bureaucratic process.
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