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Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 14th of April 2016

FUTURE PLANS: Study Sports Science DREAM JOB: To be involved in sports and be in an environment where I can interact with others face-to-face SUBJECTS AT ACG SENIOR COLLEGE: Biology, Physics, Geography, PE I feel like I have left school behind me and am at a university for secondary students. I’m happy, what can be better than that? I’m an ordinary person with my own story. I’m another face in the crowd of people who are each unique in the world with their own experiences and personalities. My name is Taylor Ellis, I’m 18 and I’m a New Zealander that goes to ACG Senior College. This is a school like no other. It offers uniqueness and the opportunity to be YOU, to take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. This is what drew me in. I had come from an all boys, uniformed, Christian school with strong rules. While I did ok in that environment I found I just got over the immaturity of students who frequently interrupted teaching. It’s a completely different attitude here. The school is respected, from the building, the students, the teachers, to the lessons. The environment in which we work is one that is built on trust. I integrated into ACG Senior College at Year 12. I’ve been bumped back a year because I have been going back and forth between England during my childhood. This isn’t an issue – age just isn’t a big thing here. I’m having the time of my life here with friends of all ages throughout the school. Everyone is treated well and with the maturity of university students. Because of this we flourish.
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