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Top student receives scholarship to Cambridge

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 14th of April 2016

Seventeen-year-old ACG Senior College graduate Nina Jeffs has been awarded a life-changing Girdlers’ Scholarship to The University of Cambridge. Only one of the prestigious scholarships, worth £32,000 per annum, is offered per year. The funds are intended to cover university and college fees, and some living expenses. The Parnell local graduated from ACG Senior College in 2015 and started an International Affairs degree at Australia National University in Canberra this year. Starting in October, she will undertake study in Human, Social and Political Sciences, majoring in Politics and International Relations at The University of Cambridge. Nina, who found out about the Girdlers’ Scholarship from the school’s career adviser while she was in Year 12, said it was a dream come true. “I always wanted to travel and study overseas and explore different cultures. An Oxbridge university was something I’d thought about but never believed would be feasible or accessible. My teacher pointed the scholarship out to me a year in advance and told me I had the potential to do it so it had been on my mind for a year or so when I applied.” She said she was excited about life at the University. “Because of the way you live in a college on campus, alongside all the other students and academic staff, it will be an intense period of trying new things and making the most of all the opportunities. It’s an opportunity to travel around Europe, to learn European languages - I can’t wait to attack these years fully and immerse myself in the experience.” While at ACG Senior College, Nina received four A* (over 90%) grades in Cambridge International Exams, in Biology, English Literature, History and Mathematics, a Top in New Zealand award in IGCSE English Literature and grade A in AS Chinese. She was awarded ACG Senior College’s Leadership Cup and Valedictorian Cup in 2015 and was Head Student Leader. “I had a lot of independence in terms of what I could do at the school,” Nina said. “The flexibility and support allowed me to undertake new initiatives that helped me in my interview for the scholarship. And the learning ethos, being self-directed, helped me to demonstrate in the interview that I pursued my own academic interests.” Her achievements extended well beyond the classroom, according to Graham Gottard, Associate Principal at ACG Senior College. “Nina’s involvement in extracurricular activities such as debating and sport has been exemplary. In her duties leading the student body, Nina displayed maturity beyond her years and was involved in initiating many highly successful student events. “Nina was one of the best student leaders we have ever had and we are thrilled for her success. Students of her calibre make ACG Senior College the fabulous place it is today.” The University of Cambridge is currently the third best university in the world, according to topuniversities.com. It is notoriously difficult to get into, with 16,000 candidates chasing just under 3,400 undergraduate places. The Girdlers' Scholarship is for undergraduate study at Corpus Christi College. - See more at: http://www.acgedu.com/nz/senior/school-life/blog/10022-student-success-7/top-student-receives-scholarship-to-cambridge#sthash.lad19EQR.dpuf
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