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Top Auckland pianist driven by enjoyment of music

Published on isbi School News dated Thursday 14th of April 2016

Reaching what most people would consider the pinnacle of high school musical achievement at only 15 years old, Jonathan D’Souza still has plenty of dreams to fulfil. Last year Jonathan received distinction for his LTCL exams, which is a high level Trinity College of Music Diploma. The LTCL is equivalent to three years of performance study at a university level. Jonathan received several first places in his class in Auckland and Tauranga regional competitions. He also received a third in the prestigious Rönisch Auckland Secondary Schools Piano Competition. “I’ve grown up in a musical family, so practicing was something I just did. I’ve also always enjoyed it, so it was never a chore. I like a challenge with what I’m playing and one of my favourite composers is Liszt, whose music provides really interesting technical opportunities, unusual harmonies and different chords than what most composers use. This mix has its tests, but is enjoyable,” says Jonathan. This year, while he won’t be studying for a major music exam, Jonathan will be focused on trying out new pieces and extending his repertoire. He will also continue to enter regional competitions. He says, “I still take lessons because there is always something new to discover and to learn.” It’s this attitude that he also brings to the classroom. ACG Senior College Associate Principal, Graham Gottard, says, “Jonathan has a resounding love of learning. He was our top Year 11 student last year and he won the top Academic prize for year 11 in 2015.He’s not only talented musically, but is also an impressive student of physics and science. He’s extremely humble and a wonderful role model for our students.” Music is something that is definitely in his blood. While extremely talented on the piano, he also plays bass, double bass, and guitar. He’s been part of a jazz combo and also plays for his church on his wide variety of instruments. For young up-and-coming musicians, Jonathan says that the best thing anyone can do is give each practice your best effort, every time. He adds, “If you’re enjoying it, you’re doing it right!” - See more at:
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