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New Record for Catering Excellence

Published on isbi School News dated Friday 15th of April 2016

The Catering Team at Bishop’s Stortford College have won a major national catering award for a record fifth consecutive year. The 1170-pupil school is the first in the UK to claim the top prize for the highest quality food and service, five years on the trot. The CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) Awards recognise excellence in catering and are regarded as the highest measure of quality, safe best practices and service. Award inspectors were so impressed by what they saw, and tasted, that two dishes were crowned the best ever on a school menu. Ian Jackson, Managing Director of the CAP Awards, said the catering service and staff were standout winners. He said: “I can honestly say the lasagne and cauliflower cheese were probably the best dishes I have tasted in a school, absolutely superb. “To win a Gold Award five years on the bounce is an incredible achievement and great news for all the staff and pupils who get to eat there everyday!” More than 30 pupils and teachers gave verbal feedback during the inspection and gave the food a resounding thumbs up. Inspectors were also impressed by recent investments the College had made in the kitchen and dining room facilities and the ambition the catering team has to try new styles of cooking and presentation in the year ahead. Jeremy Gladwin praised the catering team, led by Gary Law, for winning Gold for a record fifth time. He said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Gary and the team have won this prestigious award again, to be the only school in the UK to have won five on the trot is an incredible achievement. “Preparing and cooking delicious, nutritious food is very important to us at the College. There’s a clear link between an excellent diet, learning success and wellbeing and those results are clear to see in our thriving community. “A big thank you to everyone in the catering team, and well done on your record win!”
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